Quick Review : A1

A1 directed by Johnson K and produced by Circle Box is the next film of comedian turned hero Santhanam.

The story is about a young man Saravanan ( Santhanam) a local guy who happens to run into Divya ( Alisha Berry) one day quite by chance. He is mistaken by her to be a brahmin like herself and she decides to fall in love with him because her strict father will not allow her to marry out of the community.
When her family finds out that he is a local Chennai chap, they refuse to accept him as a mapillai. But true love finds it way via the strangest situations. Saravanan is challenged by his girlfriend to find even 1 flaw in her exemplary father, in order for him to be accepted into the family. Our hero tries his best to win his lady love but things begin to only get bleaker. Does he succeed?

Santhanam and Aisha make a good pair and thier constant banter makes for a lively watch. The 3 friends of his are well cast and thier steady stream of witty comments and counters ensures the laughs never end. MS Baskar is especially engaging as the dad while the scenes with motta Rajendran and his gang are a laugh riot. The good part about the comedy scenes is that unlike many other films, the comedy is not loud with high decibel levels. This ensures one hears the lines and has ample time to absorb and react to them. The wit keeps coming showing some good writing and though many a scene may seem illogical, its for the sake of a timepass comedy. A1 (or Accused 1, yes the title is justified, you 'll see) is a film that doesn't take itself seriously and therein lies its charm.
The music by Santhosh Narayanan is a plus with some refreshing voices.

Cast :

·        Santhanam              -    Saravanan

·        Tara Alisha berry    -    Divya

·        M.S. Basker             -    Logu

·        Yatin karyekar         -   Anandharaman

·        Sai kumar                 -    Jayaraman

·        Maren                       -     Murugan

·        Thanga durai           -     Mathi

·        Kingsley                   -     Mani

·        Mottai rajendran   -     CCTV Chidambaram

·        Manohar                  -     Neighbours

Music by                       -         Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography          -        Gopi Jagadesswaran

Edited By                      -        Leo John Paul

Art Direction                -        A. Raja

Stunt                             -        Hari Dinesh

Choreography              -        kalyan, Sandy                             

PRO                              -        B.YUVRAAJ

Written & Directed by      -    JOHNSON K

Production Company        -    Circle box Entertainment

Produced by                       -    S. Raj Narayanan

Distributor                             -    S.P. Choudary (18 Reels)


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