Quick review : Kalavani 2

Kalavani 2 is directed by A Sargunam with Vemal and Oviya reprising the position of lead pair.

The story revolves around Arkki (Vemal) who is despised by his village for being a prankster, cheat and thief. All except his mother ( Saranya) dislike him immensely including his dad ( Ilavarsan). His only friend is Vicky ( VJ Vigneshkant) who plans cons on people with him. This aspect leads to few gags and laughs especially with Ganja Karuppu in the fray.

One day Arkki decides that the easy way to big money is to be in the run for village president so that the big contestants will view him as competition and buy him off. The plot thickens when his uncle is one of the key contestants while the other is the father of his lady love Maheswari ( Oviya...though its not clear when and why exactly she falls for him even though he steals her pet goat ). As it turns out nobody is willing to vote for Arkki. What does he do to achieve his ends? Does he succeed?

Vemal is back in full form be it dancing and romancing or playing the wily con artist. Oviya looks pretty as the village belle but has not much to do in the story and her role feels under utilised. Oviya fans will be disappointed.

Saranya is good as usual and its good to see her character written without the usual melodrama that mother characters are given on screen. Ilavarsan adds to the drama and comedy quotient with his conflict with his son while Mayilsamy as Dosai has a meaty role in the proceedings which he pulls off with ease. Some seemingly fresh faces as supporting cast add to the novelty factor.

The screenplay seems to drag at times and one cant help feel that the film had more potential left untapped with its interesting premise of a con man in the lead.
The situations and dialogues evoke laughs here and there and the story is not the usual hero vs villain as such and therefore the mood never gets too serious, keeping the tone light.
However, the constant lengthy dialogue scenes can get a tad repetitive to watch.

Kalavani2 , a one time watch. 

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