Quick Review : V1 Murder Case

By Rinku Gupta
 V 1  is the title of Paradign Pictures- Kolorful Beta Movement Productions' film directed by Pavel Navageethan , former assistant director to Vetrimaaran.
The film is a whodunnit mystery about the murder of young girl.  Forensic officer Agni ( well cast newbie Ram Arun Castro) handles the case in association with his good friend amongst colleagues,  Luna ( Vishnupriya Pillai, who acts well and perfectly  suits the part of the business- like cop). The duo come across several clues including red herrings as they go about trying to use investigative methods and tools involving forensics and psychology to solve the case. Who is the culprit and how do they crack the case is the story. The cast includes Mime Gopi, Linga and Lijeesh.

The film is a good attempt at trying to showcase the importance of forensics and psychological investigative tools, far removed from the usual kind of  suspense thrillers we see in Tamil cinema. The suspense mounts as the duo run through their list of suspects and the film tries hard to impart a New Age, modern feel to the proceedings.

But in several places, the way Agni talks,  it seems like he is trying to impress the audience with his knowledge,  which acts like a speed breaker and a dampener.  There is too much of dialogue between characters at times,  and a bit of posturing especially in the interrogation scenes, which seems a bit staged.

In its favour, one can say that the film sticks to its genre without deviating,  keeps the momentum with a variety of characters from different walks of life to keep you guessing, some nail-biting chase scenes, good visuals by Krishnasekar TS, and editing by VRK Ramesh, in keeping with the genre of the film. 

2.75 out of 5

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