Amala Paul undergoes Holistic Healing

By Rinku Gupta

Amala Paul seems to be on a journey of self- discovery and transformation, going by her latest social media post.

Revealing details to fans she says, "My dearest fam, You already know by now that my profile is a reflection of my life. In my unending journey towards becoming the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, I signed up for a healing process called the Panchakarma. "

Describing the reason she explains further, "In our fast-paced lives and western influence we seldom value the treasures of our ancestors. They've left behind a gold mine of information just waiting to be put into practise. This treatment was a complete transformation, a story of purging and revival. It takes immense self-control and strength to go through this process, I am amazed with things the mind is capable of doing. "

Inviting fans to follow up on her transformation she says, "Follow me along for the next few days as I take you along my experience of 180 ' transformation. "

Describing details of her pic in the post, Amala reveals, " Me on the 20th day of my 28 day Panchakarma experience!  Shot by myyyyyyyyy@abijithpaulVI"

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic, ancient Indian process, is touted to be a natural, holistic healing and therapeutic process that detoxifies and induces life enhacing energies , increasing well-being, inner peace and vitality.

The actor is also currently reading books by the Philosopher and New Age Guru, Osho. 


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