Raai Laxmi gets' Shocked' !

 By Rinku Gupta

The beautiful actor, Raai Laxmi, is a fitness freak who exercixes regularly to keep fit and healthy. It is well known how she does several  stunts for her films, all thanks to the premium fitness levels she keeps. From extensive gym sessions  to running, swimming and yoga, she does it all with enthusiasm. 

Raai Laxmi wearing the body suit with electrodes

Now the latest form of exercice she has begun is the global fad of Shock Fitness. Yes, you heard that right.

The idea behind whole body Electric Stimulation or the ES, is to stay fit by putting the body muscles, in a controlled manner, through the pain of shocks.

Raai Laxmi shared a video giving us details. She revealed a  body suit with wires and  electrodes in various places  worn by her during the exercice session, which would give shocks to the body at regular intervals. She admitted, " Its very intense. I am tired! I could only manage to do 20 minutes of this shock fitness but its equivalent to 3 sessions of intensive workouts!" Phew!

But despite it all, the undeterred actor added,"I enjoy it !" 

No pain, no gain, literally, is what Raai Laxmi lives by it would seem!

   Even as her dedication is admirable, her fans, who may be ' shocked' at the idea,  will surely be wishing her, ' stay safe, stay fit' Raai Laxmi !

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