Arya was serious, silent on Sarpatta Paramparai sets- Dushara Vijayan

Dushara Vijayan is almost in a state of confusion as people have already renamed her and address her as  ‘Mariyamma’, her character in Sarpatta Parambarai.

Courtesy her mind-boggling performance in Pa. Ranjith’s Sarpatta Parambarai, she has become the favourite of viewers. Well, this wasn’t an overnight success for this actor from Dindugal. She had to wait for seven years to get this breakthrough. And now she’s basking  in irs glory over the acclaim for her performance. 

Actress Dushara Vijayan says, “I am both happy and  emotional over the response. I thank Pa. Ranjith sir, for this lifetime opportunity. I had to wait for a long time to get such an offer and am glad that it happened with Sarpatta Parambarai.” 

She continues, “Initially, I couldn’t believe it when I got a call from Pa. Ranjith sir’s office. I thought someone is pranking me. But to find 17 missed calls from the same number the next day made me terribly anxious that I have made a blunder. I instantly rushed to his office and apologized to him for my ignorance. Pa. Ranjith sir was polite, and he asked me to enact a scene. Eventually, I somewhat felt that he was unconvinced, which urged me to keep pushing  ahead. 

Finally,  he got convinced during the photoshoot, that I would pull it off perfectly.”

 Sharing her current state of mind after the film’s success, Dushara adds, “I am not able to step out of the world of Mariyamma, and it will take some time. I am so glad that my long wait for a breakthrough happened with Sarpatta Parambarai. "

She is grateful to hero Arya, "I thank Arya sir for his abundant support on the sets. I was quite astonished to witness something completely contradictory to what everyone spoke about him. I heard many say that he is a jovial  guy on the sets, but he was  ‘Mr. Serious meets Mr. Silence’. Even Ranjith sir had to move forward and ask if he was comfortable, as Arya was acompletely  different man on the sets!

 I found he is a perfectionist, and he was completely immersed in the world of Kabilan. However, he didn't miss to surprise us often with his inherent hilarious nature.” 

Dushara Vijayan has now signed to play the female lead role in Vasantha Balan’s next directorial, starring Arjun Das in the lead. She will play someone in complete contrast to Mariyamma.

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