Theerpukkal Virkapadum Audio and Trailer Launched !


The Sathyaraj starrer Theerpukkal Virkapadum produced by C.R. Saleem of Al-Tari Movies, acquired by 11:11 Productions Dr. Prabhu Thilaak and directed by Dheeran,  had a grand  audio and trailer launch  in Chennai.

Speaking in the occasion, Smt. G. Thilakavathi IPS said, “This film’s title appalled me intensely. I always believe that an individual shouldn’t take the law into their hands as it will cause an adverse effect on society, but here I find that a father infuriated over the injustice caused to his daughter, takes it. We have Honourable chief justice Chandru as the guest of honour here. We have seen one of his promising cases adapted to onscreen with Jai Bhim, but he has handled more than 800 legal cases. Henceforth, one shouldn’t lose hope in the law and order.  The situations to raise questions have occurred now, and I believe this film will be a tool to motivate it. The film has lots of promising and talented actors. I wish them all for the grand success of this film.”

Actor Sibiraj said, “2K Kids know my father as Kattappa, and 90s Kids love him as Amaithipadai Sathyaraj. But the 80s know him as ‘Ungal Sathyaraj’. I thank director Dheeran and his team for reinventing my father in the same image. To see him in such an avatar has been my long-time desire, and I am glad that it has finally happened with this movie. 11:11 Productions is consistently producing and presenting content-driven movies, and Dr. Prabhu Thilaak’s involvement in the project itself clearly registers that it’s going to be a strong content-bound movie. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this film.”
 Nakkheeran Gopal said, “I am not a regular attendee of events. When I was asked to attend this event, I asked about this story. They told me that the film is about the gruesome crime against a girl and a father sets out to seek justice. I felt that the movie has something unique and hard-hitting. A filmmaker needs the courage to make a film like in this present-day situation. I thank my brother Tilaak for acquiring this film, and he will take care of it irrespective of the problems it faces. Crimes are getting increased day by day, and to curb them, the punishments should be made harder. I find so many crowds for the film’s audio-trailer launch itself, and I am sure that the theaters will be flooded with the theatrical release.”

Actor Mayilsamy said, “Theerpukkal Virkapadum will join the league of critically acclaimed movies like Sattam Oru Iruttarai, Needhikku Thandanai. I felt fascinated looking at the energy of Sathyaraj in the first look poster, where he walks stylishly with the bag on his shoulder. For the first-ever time, we are getting to see that judges are openly admitting that the law and order aren’t properly executed in front of the Court premises itself. I am glad to be sharing the dais with the Honourable Judge Chandru sir, whose earnest war for justice was very much revealed with the movie Jai Bheem. Sathyaraj sir being an ardent follower of MGR sir follows his principles and is already ready  to help anyone in need." 

Justice Chandru said, “I thank Dr. Prabhu Thilaak and his mother for inviting me to this occasion. This title might be a shocking element for many, but not for the ones in the law and order department. Last week Justice Kanchan Gokhale has written a book ‘Needhibathikku Needhi’. During an interview, he was questioned, if the legal system is corrupted and he instantly said, “Yes”. There are many, who have undergone years of punishment, and later got acquitted as innocents.  I wish the entire team for making a compelling movie.”

Producer Dr. Prabhu Thilaak said, “I was yearning a lot for a day like this. The pandemic phase has locked us inside our homes, unable to pursue our dreams and passions. I am now glad to meet you all again during this beautiful and important occasion in our production venture.  Theerpukkal Virkapadum emphasizes on the concept of law cannot be denied for the sake of materialistic and personal aspects. The entire story revolves around this concept. I was lucky enough to make a film with Sibiraj in the lead role, and am elated to release the film that features his father Sathyaraj as the lead character. 11:11 Productions will continue to produce, promote and release content-driven movies. It’s been an unresolvable issue for the proper justice to protect women's freedom. The punishments should be made harder so that this gender leads a peaceful life.”

Rashiq, Al-TARI Movies said, “I thank everyone on the behalf of my producer for gracing this occasion. I thank producer Dr. Prabhu Thilaak sir for ensuring a great release for this film. I thank the entire crew for giving a beautiful movie. I request, press, media, and audience to support our movie.”

Music director S.N. Prasad said, “A movie like Theerpukkal Virkapadum is the need of this hour in today’s society. I have two daughters and I dedicate the song Magale to them. Both the lyricists Mohan Raj and Srikanth have written beautiful lyrics for the songs. I request everyone to watch this movie in the theaters and encourage us.”

Cinematographer Anji said, “We decided to have Sathyaraj sir play the lead character while penning the script. He has given his complete heart and soul to this movie. Director Dheeran will be appreciated and indeed, become a high-on-demand filmmaker after the release of this movie. We as a team have done our best in presenting a valuable and good content-driven movie.”

Actor AL Udhaya said, “When starting this project on the scratch level, director Dheeran was working as an office boy in my office. He would keep writing the screenplay during his leisure time. I am exhilarated over his great growth in becoming a filmmaker with this movie. I always desired to share screen space with Sathyaraj sir at least in a scene, and now to see Dheeran direct him, makes me so much elated. I congratulate everyone on the team for their hard work. The title Theerpukkal Virkapadum befittingly suits the image of Sathyaraj sir. I wanted urgent help for the sake of my close ones and approached Sibiraj, but his father Sathyaraj came forward and helped me. The unconditional philanthropic gesture of Sathyaraj sir isn’t known to the public. He is such a humble person and doesn’t want to showcase these activities for the sake of publicity. This film holds lots of social values and will be surely admired by the audience in the theaters.”

Director SA Chandrashekhar said, “Theerpukkal Virkapadum is a hard-hitting title. So far, Justice  Chandru is the uncorrupt person I have seen. He is such a genuine and honest person. IPS Officer Thilakavathi madam is an inspiration to many, Nakkeeran Gopal is a man of justice who stands out. I made a movie titled ‘Sattam Oru Iruttarai’ in the 80s, and now after 20 years, I am glad to see a movie like this. These days, corrupt and miscreants have become a majority. They are intelligent criminals. The villains keep winning and the honest people are losing and stumbling. If someone raises a voice in favour of just, they are framed under the law of ‘Contempt of Court’. This movie beautifully shows the emotional bonding between father and daughter. There’s a statement that an individual shouldn’t take the law into his hands, but the biggest question is why he would do it if justice is served properly. When honest people like Justice Chandru serve the best, there are few miscreants as well. The makers of this film have shown this properly. Sathyaraj is a born artiste and he would do any roles with ease. Anji is a fabulous cinematographer, and I congratulate debutant Dheeran for handling a film with a social issue in his maiden debut itself.”

Actor Sathyaraj said, “This is a day of pride for me. I am here in the presence of real-life heroes like Justice Chandru sir, and he has appreciated the title itself. Anji sir approached me with this script. When Dheeran narrated the script, I was engrossed, but at the same time, I was a little worried, if the movie would be stuck inside the censor room. This is because my yesteryear movie Vedham Pudhidhu was banned by Censor Board. During that time, Chief Minister MGR asked Bharathiraja to screen the movie.After the screening was over, he assured us that the film will get released and asked us to fix the release date. During the release of Periyaar, I had the same issue. However, the film got released and it was later, I got to know that Justice Chandru was the man behind the film’s release. I had the same fear with Theerpukkal Virkapadum, but it passed without any trouble. However, these days, the censoring is happening only after the film’s release as there are many protests for some movies including the recent release Jai Bhim. But it’s so much elating to see that there is huge support from all the places for good movies. Similarly, Theerpukkal Virkapadum will be appreciated for its good content. I request press, media, and audience to support this film.”

Director Dheeran said, “I have participated in many audio launch functions as assistant director, and I used to desire and wish if I would get an opportunity to be here on the stage. But I am so emotional to see such a moment here with the great and eminent heroes of our society, being a part of this event.  When I narrated the script of Theerpukkal Virkapadum to many actors, they rejected it, terming it as a dark story, but Sathyaraj sir liked it and gave a nod to proceed with the shooting. During that time, he was riding high on the success of Baahubali. He was so much tired during that time, but then, he listened to the entire script. He asked me to give the full bound script, and on one fine morning around 7 a.m. I received a call from him stating he is okay with the script, and we can proceed with the shooting. I started my journey in the movie industry as an office boy, and I realized one thing that every department in the industry can be benefitted only when the producer is happy and satisfied. Sathyaraj sir advised me to say that be a producer-friendly director. His presence in the movie elevated the stature of this project. With the arrival of 11:11 Productions, the project got much bigger. I thank Dr. Prabhu Thilaak sir for this great offer. I thank the entire cast and crew of this film for being earnest support.”

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