Sakshi Agarwal fulfils father’s dream !


It was her father’s dream for 45 years to buy a brand new luxury car. Like many self-made business owners, he soon realized that some dreams take longer than usual. So, Sakshi Agarwal who grew up hearing about her dad's dream, promised to herself to start 2022 by fulfilling her father’s only unfulfilled desire.

 And she  did it in style by buying a swanky brand new Mercedes. The actress chose a pristine light gold color E class as her choice of wheels and is extremely proud that the luxury car is “Made and/or Assembled in India” for which she took the extra pains to wait a little longer since booking. 

The actor feels that its her happiest moment in life, "Fulfilling my father’s dream needed me to be working hard with super disciplined habits coupled with grit in facing challenges and consistent learning and a growth mindset. As an actor we help the world believe in their own dreams. So, I believe if I can do this when starting from scratch, others too can be inspired to try!"

The actor's forthcoming films include Bhageera, Naan kadavul Illai ,Kurukku Vazhi ,Puravi, The Night and a web series for Hungama.

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