FIR team's grand success meet!

 Actor Vishnu Vishal has played the lead role and produced the film ‘FIR’ for his production house Vishnu Vishal Studioz. The movie was released on February 11 by Red Giant Movies, and has witnessed a grand success. This is the next big success for Vishnu Vishal after Ratchasan. Marking the victorious stroke, the entire cast and crew of this movie celebrated the success meet thanking the press and media channels.

Red Giant Movies M.Shenbagamoorthy honoured producer Vishnu Vishal by offering him a gift as the token of congratulating the success.

Amaan said, “I thank director Manu, Vishnu Vishal and others for giving a chance to be a part of this movie. I am so glad that audiences have liked this movie, and have shared their love through the great support.”
Praveen Kumar said, “It’s so great to see that audiences have welcomed this film and have celebrated it wholeheartedly. I thank producer-actor Vishnu Vishal and director Manu for making me a part of this project.”

Abhishek said, “This is the first time I am getting an opportunity to be on the stage during such great occasion. Vishnu Vishal has exerted his heart and soul into the project. This is a movie that will deep impact on the audiences.”
Ram said, “I thank the makers of this film for making me a part of this successful project. They would have easily given this opportunity to someone else, but the trust and confidence, they had on me is really great. I thank director Manu for trusting me. I congratulate Vishnu Vishal for his earnest dedication and hard work, which has resulted him, this great success. I hope, I will be a part of his forthcoming projects as well.”

Its Prashanth said, “Usually, I would sit down here at the same venue and watch the movie, but today, I am standing here, which is the magic of life. I have known Vishnu Vishal brother for past 10 years. He has never changed a bit during all these years. I thoroughly enjoyed working in this movie, and everyone worked as a team. I thank Manu for trusting me more than myself. There are lots of appreciations from all over the places. It was a pleasure working with Raiza Wilson as she would keep pulling my legs during the shoot. I am proud to be a part of this project, which is 8 years of Manu’s hard work and Vishnu Vishal.”

Cinematographer Arul Vincent said, “I thank Red Giant Movies for making this movie a grand success. The long standing dream of 8 years to be a part of successful movie has become a reality now. Vishnu Vishal has captured my heart as a good human. We all went through lots of hurdles during the COVID times, and this movie has arrived as a source of relief with good entertainment. Manu is a brilliant writer. I got so much confidence looking at the rough cut. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with Raiza Wilson during the shoot, but she left me awe-stricken with her mind-boggling performance in the movie. Every actor in the movie has exhibited their stellar performances. Silva master has choreographed jaw-dropping action sequences. I thank the audiences, press and media for making this movie, a great success.”
Editor GK Prasanna said, “I have been showered with lots of appreciations from all over the place. Working in FIR was a pretty good challenge, and we all worked a lot. Finally, I am happy to see the heart-warming reception for the movie.”

Music Director Ashwath said, “This is the first success meet in my career, and I am so much happy with the appreciations for my work. I am so glad to see that everyone has written and shared positive reviews about the movie. The success belongs to the director for his hard work, and I am thankful for making me a part of this project. I got emotional when the team mentioned my name with credits for every lyric video from the album. I thank production house for this lovely gesture. Red Giant Movies has placed its Midas-touch on this movie, which has made it more successful. I thank Vishnu Vishal brother for the success he has gifted me through this movie.”

 Designer Poorthi said, “It’s a pleasure to be a part of successful movie. I thank everyone in the team for encouraging and supporting me. I thank everyone for their kind wishes.”

Actor Praveen K said, “I thank my friend Manu, Vishnu sir, and the entire crew for this lovely opportunity. The beauty about our team is that everyone respected and loved their respective works, which has yielded us success, and I am sure about it.”

Actor Vinoth said, “Such occasions are precious to newcomers like me. Letting us get onto the stage is not mandatory, but Vishnu Vishal sir has made it, and I thank him for this respectable gesture. It’s been a 15 year long run dream for me to become an actor, but I wasn’t aware about whom to get in touch with. I thank director Manu sir for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this film trusting my potentials. This team is like my second family. It was surprising to see Vishnu Vishal sir giving us the remuneration exactly on Day 1 of second schedule after COVID Lockdown. It is not an easy thing for a producer to come up with this gesture during this critical times, but he is such a good-hearted person to do so. I thank Red Giant Movies for making this movie, a great success.”

Actor Rakesh said, “This is my debut movie as an actor, and my voice would be heard first in the theater. I am a playback singer in Malayalam. I thank director Manu for banking his trust on me, and I thank the whole crew as well.”

Poster Designer Prathul said, “Manu had a clear vision about every design of this movie, and this made my job easier. I initially worked as title designer for Vishnu Vishal’s Kullanari Koottam, and now it’s great to be a part of another successful movie.”

Thangadurai said, “I got completely confident about the movie when listening to the script itself. I am glad that press, media and audiences have supported and made FIR, a great success.”
Actress Raiza Wilson said, “Just like others, even I had a doubt whether I will be able to nourish this character faithfully, but it was Manu, who had complete trust in me. The perseverance of Vishnu Vishal and the hope he had on me instilled the urge to deliver the best out of me. Both of them had a strong belief in this movie, and their faith has made this movie, an absolute hit. I thank everyone for making this movie, a grand success.”

Director Manu Anand said, “First and foremost I would like to thank Vishnu Vishal for having trust in me that I would get it materialized exactly as narrated. Even I had doubt whether I would be able to make it successfully as planned, but Vishnu Vishal never gave up on me. My journey with this crew is nearly two and half years. They all know the challenges I had faced during these times. I thank Vishnu Vishal, and everyone for trusting me. Red Giant Movies has made FIR a great success beyond our expectations. I thank Press, Media friends and audiences for making it a good hit. I thank everyone who made this movie, a grand success.”

Actor-Producer Vishnu Vishal said, “This is really a happy moment for me. I will never forget the support of media forever. I got emotional when everyone wrote that I have escalated to the next level as performer with this movie. I thank director Manu Anand for getting me a good name. When I listened to the script from Manu for the first time, The Family Man series and Maanaadu weren’t released. Even after the release, I felt confident that this movie will work out very well among the audiences. Even when a producer stepped out of this project, I didn’t give up, and proceeded with it. I knew that the destiny of a filmmaker wouldn’t be good when his debut directorial is dropped. Henceforth,  I wanted to direct this movie. This is my second chance after Ratchasan to retain my career as an actor. I thank Manu for  this. When I was a part of Mynaa success meet, I had a desire if Red Giant Movies will produce a movie for me, but they consistently kept supporting me from the days of Neer Paravai. Shravanthi of Hollywood movie Life of Pi has worked as Executive Producer for this movie. I thank her for the valuable service. I thank Thanga Durai sir for his commitment. There are three heroines  in this movie, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get them together for a single event involving this movie. I would like thank my Udhayanidhi brother. I owe a lot to him for his constant support from my movie Kullanari Koottam till now.  Everyone in the team is praising me for being prompt with the payments, but I had a huge trouble in handling the financial issues after a certain extent in this movie. I wanted to borrow the money, but my father came forward and helped me with his pension savings.”

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