Film Review: D Block

 D Block is Arulnithi's latest release, an action  thriller, directed by Erumai Saani fame You Tuber, debutant Vijay Kumar Rajendran.

The story is set in early 2000's in an engineering college campus  situated amidst a thick forest. Arul ( Arulnithi) is a student there. Everyone is advised not to venture into the forest area due to hidden dangers. But when one student dies, and the death is explained as an animal attack, and later more girls are found dead, Arul and his friends  are determined to find out the truth behind the mysterious deaths. Soon they discover that in reality a psycho killer is on the loose.  What happens next?

The first half has plenty of fun moments with students engaged in campus antics replete with comedy and romance. When the thriller elements in the story take over,  there are plenty of chills especially due to well placed jump scares. The night scenes have a particularly chilling effect. The killer  (Charandeep) with his large body- build and looming, intimidating presence,  fits the part and instils fear with his performance. There are some well executed scenes which add to the suspense expected from the genre.

Arulnithi as usual, plays his part with conviction and brings credibility to his character with his performance. The rest of the cast includes Avantika Mishra, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ramesh Kanna and Karu Palaniappan  amongst others. 

While debutant Vijay Kumar could have worked a bit more on dialogues and certain portions of the screenplay,  the thrills and suspense elements of the genre are well executed. The comedy parts too, have the potential to attract the youth audience. 

D Block is running in theatres, from July 1st.

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