Grand Battery audio and trailer release event held!

The Trailer is both engaging and gripping.Only from good films such trailers can be made.I am eagerly waiting to watch this film - Director Vetrimaaran.

The Trailer and Audio release function of Battery film produced by Sri Annamalaiyar Movies and Directed by Manibharathi Starring Senguttuvan,Ammu Abhirami and music by Sidharth Vipin happened on 10th July (Sunday).The Cast and Chief Guests Spoke as follows:

Director Vetrimaaran said,

I know Manibharathi from the starting of the film.He told me to watch the film after completing.I was not able to watch it that time.If i have watched the film before as he told,i would have helped from my side.But now PVR is releasing the the release will be even bigger.I think that will be better for this film.

My wishes to the Music Director.when i watched the trailer it is both engaging and gripping.A good film only can give a trailer like this.I am waiting eagerly to watch this film.I wish director Manibharathi and this film to be success.

"Battery Film Is A Thriller Model.."

Lyricist Nellai Jayantha spoke as follows,

Hero Senguttuvan doesnt look like he is a debut hero.He performed Well in the film.Tamil Cinema should make use of the great actor M.S.Bhaskar.There is even a way to cry in tamil culture.M.S.Bhaskar has performed those scenes very perfectly.Manibharathi gave me a opportunity in the film because of our friendship.Baby Monika is the battery of the film.

Director Paneerselvam spoke as follows,

Director Manibharathi is like a machine.he will be working continuously.Even if he dont get chance to direct a film,he will be writing stories,songs and he will working non stop.

Actor Raj Deepak Shetty spoke as follows,

Battery is my first tamil film.The film is fully charged.This batter is not made in China,its made in Chennai.

Dialogue Writer Ravivarman Pachaiappan spoke as follows,

We have very well utilised the opportunity we got.This film should have released during March of 2020 itself.But it was postponed due to corona.The scenes in this film have came in other film.but it is just a coincidence.

When Actor Madhan Babu spoke,

Manibharathi will be there in all big directors story discussions.There is no such thing as big film and Small film. Bahubali was running successfully.Even that time, Kaaka Muttai was running successful.Like that i wish this film to be successful.

Vasantha balan spoke as follows.

Director Vasanth balan spoke as follows,

We have to be continously working,that is the golen rule.

When Manibharathi shared the story with friends,i know  that he is going to be successful.screenplay is the most important in a film.Nowdays the words 'Vera level' and "Wow" is been used by the 2K Kids more often.

Actor Nagendhra Prasad spoke as follows,

I know Manibharathi sir from when he was working as a assitant to my father(Sundaram Dance Master).There is no such thing like big film and small film.After listening to the one line of the story,i told i will act in the film.I believe this film will surely be successful.

Director saran spoke as follows

During this point of time taking a film and releasing it is a big task.Tamil cinema is living because of energetic producers,if Manibharathi stands in sunlight he will be fully charged.he is my friend from longback.whenever i do a film,i will say to him only.Its very rare to get a person who thinks from our point of view.Manibharathi always sees from our side.Manibharathi has handled the film very well.Producer has also spent as per budget.Senguttuvan is  trending in social media.Ammu Abhirami remains me of actress Saritha.We can call her as little Saritha.

M.S.Bhaskar has acted in the film.He would speak ten characters in a film by himself.he completes dubbing without going for one more take.We welcome K.G.F even if its a kannada film,we celebrate Vikram as it's our film.

I wish everyone who worked in this film.Vetrimaran comes only to very few events.Its a victory that he came to this event.Sidharth Vipin has scored music differently.

Actor M.S.Bhaskar spoke as,

Me and Manibharathi sir use to meet in roads.we used to speak in phone calls.he used to tell stories when he day he called me and told he is going to direct a film.There is great character for you.he called me for that role.

Music Director Sidharth Vipin  spoke as follows,

Manibharathi sir and sambath sir told me about the film Battery and gave me the opportunity.It will be very eager to work with manibharathi sir.Ammu Abhirami have acted well in the film.

Director Brindha Sarathy spoke as,

This stage shows how this film will run in theatres.Manibharathi is a fan of Balu mahendra and Balachander.Still he watches their films and speaks about it.He is a lovely person.When we have to take care of the family expense,we work as assistant directors.Our life would change in one day if we became a director.But if that director fails,we would go back to even more worst situation.But Manibharathi is working in serials and newspapers without giving up.

I thank the producer who produced the film by trusting manibharathi.It will be a successful film for senguttuvan as well.

Director Mohan Raja spoke as follows,

This is the first stage for me after Covid lockdown.I felt bad for not able to meet you guys for long time.I have been in working in Hyderabad for past 1.5 years.I am directing a film with Chiranjeevi sir as lead.

Experience Never Fails.Like that this cast members are very well experienced.Because of Manibharathi only Sneha's character in Velaikaran was created.He was very supportive during my film velaikaran.

Youth can give Newness but only experience can give you more impact.I request everyone to watch the film in theatres.

Actress Ammu Abhirami spoke as follows,

I got the opportunity in this film only due to first i thank Vetrimaaran sir.I thank everyone who wished me here.My dream to dance in Kullumanali wearing a saree came true in this film.I learned to be affectionate to everyone from manibharathi sir.

Actor Soori Spoke as follows,

I thank Lingusamy sir who invited me for this function.He is kind hearted person who thinks his associate should also be successful.When Brother Manibharathi called me i told him that i dont know what to speak because i have not acted in the film.When he told me about the story of the film.I asked whether these kind of things are happening? He told me yes.If a life is in danger,we should try to save that life.We would be scared if it is our father,mother or brother.In such cases we turns to only 2 persons.Either we stand infront of god or doctors.In such case the medical people are earning out of our fear.This film would be a lesson for those people.This film is a much needed one.

Nowadays, However the film is the audience are trolling us.They are not watching the film with full interest.Everyone is watching the films from big directors,But to see a film from new directors or actors they hesitate.But everyone should watch this film.

M.S.Bhaskar sir would speak even if we give so much dialogues.Sidharth Vipin is a Talented music director.I wish everyone who worked in this film.

Snehan spoke as,

Patience and Trust is the much needed one when it comes to cinema.Director Manibharathi has that quality,Films like this would surely be a successful one.A lot of films like this should come.

Actor Marimuthu spoke as follows,

Me and Manibharathi are friends for 34 years.His rela name is Nagai Ponni.We became friends through my brother.From then to still now he is struggling without giving up.He is still directing and writing many short Stories.I think this is the 4th film for Manibharathi.I wishing the film to very successful.

Producer Maathaiyan Wishes the film to be successful.

Actor Senguttuvan spoke as follows,

Whatever Stage it is the first person i talk about is my father.He is trying to make me a successful person in this field.we holded this film for long time to release this film in theatres after covid.

I thank all the directors who came here as the chief guest.

 Director Manibharathi spoke as follows,

First i worked as a sub editor in Thirai Suvai.I have interviewed all stars from Rajinkanth.I am a big fan of Jayam Raja.He is directing a film with Chiranjeevi sir as lead.His film is one of the most expected film in telugu right now.I wish him for his film fo be successful.I thank you for coming to this event.

When i told this story to Ammu Abhirami's father,She asked the bounded script to read the full story.When i narrated the story to her for 10 minutes she told she would definitely do the film.Director Saran compared her with Saritha but i compare Ammu Abhirami with Revathy.I thank producer Mathaiyan very much.They gave whatever i asked during the film Anbe Anbe,only i didnt took the film properly.But Mathaiyan sir did all the needs for the film whenever i asked.

I am very emotional right now because Director Vetrimaaran and Soori and so many people came here.

Now Soori has became a actor from being a comedian by Vetrimaaran sir.He will be winning lot of awards for his performance.

Actor Senguttuvan has formed his fanbase in his 1st film itself.He took care of the production as well along with acting.he would always choose the best to do for the film.It was a very supporting factor.

I Wish Vetrimaaran sir's Viduthalai to be a successful movie.I got the film Anbe Anbe because i worked in the film gemini.Saran sir is currently going to direct a will surely be a massive hit.Director Pannerselvam is also directing a movie.It will release after Warrior film.

Brindha Sarathy is the Dialogue Writer for Lingusamy for all the films except Run.He is the capable person to receive Sahitya award.Me and Vasanthabalan stayed in same place during our early stage.He told to invite a more famous director than him.But i told him that they have never made films like Veyil and Angadi Theru.He is directing a film called Aneethi.I wish him all the best.M.S.Bhaskar is a great actor.there is no doubt in that.

Cinematographer has completed 10 films after Sathuranga Vettai.He is the reason for this film to be visually stunning.Me and Saran brought Kalabhavan Mani sir to tamil.He acted in more films in tamil and earned a lot. Kannada Star Raj Deepak Shetty who is making his debut in tamil will become a successful person here.Music Director Sidharth Vipin has composed music well.Madhan Babu sir did a Advertisement film for me.I thank him for coming.

The Art Director has worked very well in the film.I thank Snehan sir as well.When we are searching for the child character we found Kaithi fame Monika.Her mother told she would act only if the story is good.They accepted after listening to the story for 1 hour.They spoke more than 1 hour after watching the film.They liked the film so much.

MariMuthu is a great friend of mine.

I spoke to Soori sir at night 11clk.It is very kind of him to come here today for this function.Me,SJSuryah and Marimuthu has worked as assitant directors in a film.Today SJSuryah has released the teaser of our film.GV Prakash has also shared the teaser.Sampath was a big support for the film.

I thank PRO Johnson who is responsible for this function to be successful.

The Cast and Chief Guest then released the audio of the film.

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