Film Review: Viruman

Suriya's  2D Entertainments' Viruman directed by Muthaiya is a rural action drama starring Karthi and debutante Aditi Shankar.

Muniyandi ( Prakash Raj) is a money-minded  man who  has a son Viruman (Karthi), who is baying for his blood since childhood, as he holds him responsible for his mother's (Saranya) death. The story is infused with several characters, like Thaenmozhi ( Aditi Shankar in a strong debut) who plays the hero's love interest, Soori, RK Suresh, Karunas and Raj Kiran amongst others. In the course of a series of events, does Viruman succeed in making his selfish father into a reformed man?

Set in the rural hinterlands, the film has every potential to attract the family audiences, with the rich color palette, catchy music ( Yuvan Shankar Raja), large family set-up, ample action blocks, emotions, romance  and sentimental focus on a father-son relationship.

Karthi handles the rural avatar with his usual  ease, giving a glimpse of his Paruthiveeran days at times. He brings out engagingly, Viruman as the protective man with a heart of gold, who beats up baddies with  aplomb when it comes to protecting those he loves and the values he holds dear.  Aditi Shankar  makes a good and very confident debut in a rural role. Soori amps up the fun quotient in his style. The father -son conflict and the angle of domestic abuse forms the core of the film. 

However, in several instances it does seem like  conflicts get resolved pretty fast and many situations seem predictable

 But over all, the good performances of Karthi, Aditi, Prakash Raj, Raj Kiran and others,  the larger than life rural canvas, good music and the family sentiment quotient works for this family entertainer.

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