Actor Ramarajan is back as Saamaniyan after 10 years!

Producer V Mathiyalagan of Etcetera Entertainment has been consistently producing good content-driven movies that have values for the audiences from all walks of life. The producer’s upcoming movie ‘Saamaniyan’ marks the comeback of Ramarajan as the lead character after many years. This film marking his comeback is directed by Rakesh, who has already made movies like Thambikottai and Maraindhirundhu Paarkum Marmam Enna.

 Naksha Saran is playing the female lead role in this movie. Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Raja Rani Pandian, Mime Gopi and many more prominent actors are a part of this star cast.  

Achu Rajamani is composing music for this film. The others in the technical team includes Arulchelvan (DOP), Ram Gopi (Editing), Mirattal Selva (Stunts), Snehan-VJP (Lyrics). Cinematographer Ravivarman has penned a song, thereby making his debut as lyricist with this movie. 

The movie is getting released in 5 languages including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. The film’s title poster released recently has seen good response, and the teaser launch function was held last evening at Krishnaveni theatre in Chennai. 

The occasion witnessed the presence of many personalities from the film industry including the crew of Ramarajan, Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Former Malaysian Human Resource Development Minister Kulasekaran, Lyricist Snehan, Santhana Bharathi, Shraddha Rao of Kumki-2 fame, Arya Selvaraj of Boxer fame and others were present. 

Here are some of the excerpts from the event… 

Actor Radharavi said, “This movie would have gone into different paths, but Ramarajan’s presence has added more value to it. I have been a friend to Ramarajan from his days of assistant director to Filmmaker Rama Narayanan, while I was shooting for his horror movie ‘Pei Veedu’ itself. During that time, I had observed a lot in him, and confidently stated that he would become a successful actor one day. Aftermath, I have shared the screen space with him in few movies. Ramarajan was never a competition to Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan at any point of time. His movies overtook the box office run more than these stars. He created a fear among other actors, which is an unavoidable truth. 

It seems that once, actor Kamal happened to meet Ramarajan at airport, and wanted to check pulling his hair if it’s original or wig. Even today, Ramarajan has the same hair style, and his hair strands haven’t shed yet. Good-hearted people will never lose hair. While travelling once to Madurai, I saw a board written Ramarajan Fans Club, and during that point of time, I firmly believe that this man has no end for his career. You’ll realize this statement while watching this movie Saamaniyan.” 

Director Rakesh invited me to shoot for a single day at the shooting of his previous movie Maraindhirundhu Paarkum Marmam Enna. This time, he has improvised and has given me 7-days call sheet. 

Everyone should come to theater and watch the movie, and shouldn’t take the lame excuse that it’s costing much. If you come to theaters, don’t buy popcorns and cool drinks, and blame us.” 

Former Malaysian Human Resource Development Minister Kulasekaran said, “The movies produced by Mathiyalagan are frequently getting released in Malaysia as well. Due to the political election scenario, I was busy committed to those works, and wasn’t able to watch them. But recently, my wife happened to watch Maha and insisted that I should watch it as well. I am glad that he is making such good movies, and I wish all the best to continue making such movies.” 

Director Nandha Periyasamy said, “No need to worry that Ramarajan is making his comeback after 12 years. He is like Kurinji flower that blossoms only once in 12 years. Many would be questioning why the actors after certain age still desire to appear before cameras. I would like to inform them all that acting has no age bar. I am glad that he will continue to act in more movies. I admire and like his self-confidence that he would appear on the big screens only as the lead character. Cinematographer Ravi Varman, despite his busy schedules, took his time to write lyrics for a song in this movie. This is because of the fact that he is a diehard fan of Ramarajan sir.” 

 Lyricist Sneghan said, “Although I have written lyrics for 300 songs, I had a long yearning that I couldn’t write a single song for Ramarajan sir. This is because, he wasn’t actively present in the industry, when I embarked on my journey as a lyricist here. I have enjoyed and experienced surreal moments listening to his songs while working in the paddy fields, journeying across the lanes, and during all the best moments in life. But then, to miss writing the songs for him left me disappointed. Finally, I am glad that it has happened with this movie. His position has always remained vacant, and he is back to the same stature now.” 

Script writer Karthik said, “I have experienced lots of surprise moments in this movie. I am still unable to believe the fact that Ramarajan sir has acted in a movie that has script written by me.” 

Actor-Director Santhana Bharathi, who made a surprise entry into the venue for the occasion said, “30 years back, I had played the antagonist in his magnum opus movie ‘Karagattakkaran’. If I am popular today across the nook and corners of Tamil Nadu, it is mainly because of this movie, especially for playing the villain role against Ramarajan. I am so happy that he has made his comeback into the movies now.” 


Director Rakesh said, “I am so happy that the production house is confident of working with me for the second time. I am also much alike you all, who sat among the audiences, and enjoyed watching the screen presence of Ramarajan sir on the big screens. I always wanted Captain Vijayakanth sir and Ramarajan sir to make their onscreen comeback, and wanted to direct them. By God’s grace, my desire to work with Ramarajan sir has happened now. It’s surprising to see that his fans club are actively present across these years. 

Saamaniyan means common man. But this Saamaniyan is not a common man. He is an extraordinary and unusually great. The story revolves around a good-hearted innocent villager, who is urged by situations to change himself. His character has been created in the pattern of Hitchcock style. Producer Mathiyalagan was the first one to suggest that Ramarajan sir would befittingly look perfect for this role. In this aspect, I approached Ramarajan sir, who has been patiently waiting for 10 years to get a good substantial story to make his comeback. This project was confirmed within 24 hours of narrating this script.” 


Actor M.S Bhaskar said, “Just like Padavas went deserted into forest for 12 years and Lord Rama for 14 years, actor Ramarajan is making his comeback in the industry after 10 years. Just like how they came back and ruled the dynasty, Ramarajan too will have the same impact now. I have worked as dubbing artiste in his movie Solai Pushpangal. But this is the first time; I am getting an opportunity to work with him in this movie.  I came across few stating that some are using memes and trolls asking why Ramarajan has to make his comeback. It is more like asking them back, why are you breathing. Art is like Breath.” 

Producer Mathiyalagan said, “We have been producing movies with the core attempt of churning out good content-driven movies. We have always wanted a separate script writer and a director for all of our movies so that the projects shape up well. Only then, we will be able to deliver good movies. When Rakesh narrated the script, Ramarajan sir was the first one to strike my mind. At the same time, while narrating the script, the title ‘Saamaniyan’ looked more perfect. He is making his comeback after many years, and this movie is going to be more special for him.” 


Actor Ramarajan said, “My magnum opus movie Karagattakkaran ran successfully for 300 days at this same theater of Krishnaveni. I am glad that this great occasion of my upcoming movie Saamaniyan is happening at the same venue here. Besides, this is the first time, I am seeing so many mikes and cameras for my movie event. 

I wanted to appear on the big screens only as the hero, and I didn’t want to compromise with this decision. I am glad that I have made my comeback as hero with this movie. More than acclaiming myself as hero, I would state that story and screenplay are the major heroes in this movie. Many would be inquisitive after watching the teaser what’s Ramarajan doing with the gun. Your questions will be answered with the full-length feature movie. 

 I came across many scripts during these years, and I didn’t feel them suitable for me. I was also clear that I shouldn’t be a part of movies that have bad values as I am a hard-core follower of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. That’s the reason behind me refraining from smoking and drinking. 

I have acted in 45 movies across 45 years. I have always appeared with clean shaven looks, and this is the first time, you would be sporting me with bearded look. While the director was narrating the script, I was stunned with the interval block. I can confidently state that it will be a first-of-its-kind interval in Tamil cinema. The title of this movie impressed me a lot. I have always believed that a film’s title is very important. Many are easily titling the movies as Part 2 with same names. When a child is born in a family, the parents and elders would look up for auspicious occasion, consult many people and then finally name their child as ‘Kannan’. Would it be acceptable if they are going to name their second born child as ‘Kannan-2’? In the same manner, it is a much needed effort to name the movies properly. Many approached me with the idea of Karagattakkaran-2, and even director Vijay Milton approached me for Kotteeswaran-2, which I completely refused. 

I had decided to complete 50 films as actor and step into directorial venture initially. However, the situation has completely changed. I am now doing 45th film, and am glad about it. It looks like a dream to see that my movie is getting released in 5 different languages. Whenever I look director Rakesh, I get reminded of my debut film ‘Namma Ooru Nalla Ooru’ director V Azhagappan. I thank both producer Mathiyazhagan and director Rakesh for endowing me this project.”

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