Film Review : Sinam

The Arun Vijay starrer Sinam, directed by GNR Kumaravelan is the Friday  release in theatres this week on Sep 16th.
Arun Vijay plays a very upright, dutiful cop who leaves no stones unturned to bring criminals to justice, making many enemies in the bargain.  He has a loving and understanding wife, ( Palak Lalwani) and a child. However, his loving family  life is torn apart when a gruesome crime takes place and his wife is killed.  With barely any clues and enemies within the force who are maligning his wife, Arun Vijay is determined to fight against all odds and  uncover the truth. Does he succeed?

Arun Vijay is in fine form all through and the movie rides on his shoulders. The action thriller relies heavily on the fight sequences and Arun Vijay in a superfit avatar makes every punch, kick and chase plausible and impactful. He shines in the emotional scenes as well, conveying anger, love, desperation and loss in a most effective manner. Watch out for the close up shots which bring out on detail the slow build up of  his pent up emotions and righteous anger.

He is ably matched by a talented Palak in the family scenes, and the duo make a good screen pair and screen parents as well.

The supporting cast is well chosen, and  Kaali Venkat as a cop and his caring neighbour, carries off yet another role with ease. RNR Manohar as his senior, shines in the scenes he appears in.

Shabir's bgm, Gopinath's camerwork and Stunt Silva's action choreography all leave a mark. The dialogues are crisp and the screenplay refrains from any undue deviations, making  it a taut thriller.

On the flip side, there are speadbreakers like repeated  love track montages, and the investigation takes a bit of time to pick up. 

 The run time of under 2 hours is a plus, making it taut and racy.

The film deals with an important social issue and there is a hard hitting message director Kumaravelan seeks to convey, brought out most  effectively by Arun Vijay's solid performance in this racy, engaging and emotional action, crime thriller.
Rating 3.5 / 5

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