Grand Yogi Babu starrer Shoe, Audio and Trailer Launch Event held!

Netco Studios Karthik & Niyaz in association with ATM Productions T Madhuraj presents ‘Shoe’ is directed by Kalyaan. Leading Music Composer Sam CS has composed the music. The movie, which is a thriller comedy, presented with a fresh and appealing screenplay features Yogi Babu in the lead role. The audio launch of this movie witnessed the presence of great personalities from the movie industry.  

Producer Niyash said, “We have embarked on a journey as producers with the vision of producing good content-driven movies in the Tamil industry. We are elated to see director Kalyaan making a promising movie like ‘Shoe’ for us. We have also got more movies in the pipeline. The official announcement on the same will be made soon. We request you all to support us, and we assure of producing good movies in the future.” 


Producer Karthik said, “This is our maiden production. It’s a movie made with children as the core element. Director Kalyaan has devoted himself a lot in creating this movie with excellence. I request you all to watch this movie in the theaters.” 

 Actress Sanchitha Shetty said, “Although the title of this movie is ‘Shoe’, there is a strong and intense content and story in this movie that everyone has to know about. This story based on child trafficking is very important to the society. Giving protection and respect to the women is very important. I wish the entire team for the great success of this movie.”

Jaguar Thangam said, “I wish both the producer and director for coming up with this movie. I request the producer to continue producing more Tamil movies. I am already confident that the movie is going to be a great success, and wish everyone in the team for it.” 

Actress Komal Sharma said, “Choosing a script like this, and getting them made as a movie itself is a challenging task. Producer is the only reason behind this movie getting materialized. I thank director Kalyaan for making a movie that is based on social issue. This movie has all the elements pertaining to the current social issues prevailing among us. I request everyone to watch the movie and extend their support.”  

Director Virumaandi said, “Every filmmaker has a great social responsibility. I am elated to see that director Kalyaan has made such a movie. I thank producer for showing interest in this movie.  I request you all to support this movie.” 

FEFSI Siva said, “Producer of this movie embarks on his film journey through this movie, and I wish him all the best for success. I can see that both the actors and technicians in this movie have exerted their hard work in this movie. I wish the entire team for the success of this movie.” 

 Director K Bhagyaraj said, “It’s a great scenario to see new producers coming into the movie industry. Director Kalyaan is producer friendly technician. Yogi Babu has been showered with great welcome and reception for his movies. His presence itself is elevating the graph of a movie. Materializing this movie with the presence of prominent technicians in this movie is the biggest strength. This ensures me with strong confidence that the movie has come out well. I wish the entire team for the great success of this movie.” 

Director Kalyaan said, “Producer have exerted intense hard work to create this movie. The contribution of technicians in this movie is phenomenal. The child artistes in this movie have an incredible job with their spellbinding performances. I am confident that Shoe will witness good success, and all of you will like it. I thank everyone present for the occasion to wish success for this movie.” 

Nakkheeran Gopal said, “The film’s intriguing story pushed me to be a part of this event of audio launch. I am representing the Nakkheeran family that always fights against the social evils like child trafficking and abuse. I wish producers to continue making good movies. Whenever the crimes involving abuses happen, we are the first one to be approached, and we have the responsibility to bringing the truth before light. There needs more courage and boldness to make movies like this. I appreciate and congratulate the entire team for coming up with a good story.” 

Yogi Babu, Kingsley, KPY Bala, Dhiiban, and many more prominent actors are a part of this star-cast. 

Kalyaan has directed this movie ‘Shoe’, which features musical score by Sam CS. This film, produced by Netco Studios in association with ATM Productions is gearing up for worldwide theatrical release shortly.

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