Film Review : Driver Jamuna

The Aishwarya Rajesh starrer Driver Jamuna directed by Kinslin, hits theatres today on Dec 30th.
Aishwarya Rajesh plays a call taxi driver who takes up the job after her father's death, fighting against all odds. But one day at work, she runs into 3 members of a deadly gang who hire her taxi, en route to kill a politico. Her life is in danger with no help at hand. How does Jamuna handle the situation? Is she able to make it out alive?
The movie is gripping with Aishwarya Rajesh's superb screen presence, star quality and performance keeping you hooked to the screen all through.  The actor is known to choose a variety in her roles and this  script is  yet another unusual one in her kitty to which she does full justice, carrying the film on her shoulders with ease.
The supporting actors do full justice to their roles and the 3  villains in the car have given a menacing, realistic performance that adds to the tension in the film. 
The scenes between Naren, his,son and political goons,seem a tad confusing in places.  But overall the tension continues to build up thanks also to the editing, camerawork and bgm.
There are ample twists to keep the narrative gripping, especially towards the end near the big reveal.  The crisp run time is a plus as well.

Driver Jamuna is a good attempt by Kinslin to give viewers novel content with an unusual storyline and presentation, with the heroine taking centre stage and shining in the role,  presented in a  rivetting and engaging manner. Go for it.
Rating 3.5/ 5

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