Film Review: Raangi

Lyca Productions' Trisha starrer action thriller Raangi directed by M Saravanan hit theatres on Dec 30th.

Thaiyal Nayagi ( Trisha) is a journalist with an internet site. During an investigation of a fake account, she comes across Aalim, a 17 year old terrorist in  remote country. As she pursues contact with him online in order to pursue a story, secrets are uncovered and events begin spiralling out of control till they affect her family.  What happens next?

Watching Trisha in  an action packed role, and keeping ahead in the game in a heroine- centric story is a refreshing change from the usual.   Trisha nails her role to perfection as a  bold, intelligent, fearless and dynamic personality. However, some of the choices made by Thaiyal seem difficult to explain.

The screenplay moves at a steady pace and the narrative remains interesting. When the action moves to international waters, the vast, arid breathtaking  landscape takes on a character that is spellbinding. Kudos to the camera team of Sakthivel,  especially in these scenes.  The adrenaline pumping and slickly choreographed and filmed chase and action blocks in the foreign locale deserve special mention.

But there are several situations which feel contrived which reduce the impact in  places. Trisha's actual feelings for Aalim are not clearly explained. Why she risks her neice Sushmita's  ( Anaswara Rajan)  safety in the way she does, both online and offline,  also is a big question. How Aalim freely travels to India and back and many more such situations evoke questions that dont find adequate replies.

The rest of the cast includes Lizzy Antony and Waquar Khan. The screenplay keeps youengaged as it moves between geographical areas. From local to global politics, issues are thrown up via the events. 

 If several situations and the way they are handled are overlooked, the movie makes for a fairly gripping action thriller with Trisha's presence adding value. 

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