Film Review: Run Baby Run

 The Prince Pictures' RJ Balaji , Aishwarya Rajesh starrer Run Baby Run, hit theatres on Feb 3rd.

Rj Balaji tries a more serious role than his previous outings on screen. He plays a bank officer who inadvertantly gets involved in a murder of a medical student ( Aishwarya Rajesh in a cameo). When he tries to get to the bottom of the myterious killing he comes across a shocking truth. What is the reality behind the series of  innocent deaths?

 The thriller gets right to the heart of the story from the word go, avoiding any kind of cinematic distraction which works in its favour. The happenings in the first half are quite gripping, with both Aishwarya and Balaji putting thier best foot forward in thier performances. Balaji has moved into a new territory with a role that has hardly any dialogues. He rises to the occasion, despite few moments when he could have thrown in a little more emotions and expressions. But overall the writing supports his performance.

The music by Sam CS is a big help in boosting the thrills in the movie.  The constantly fast moving screenplay in the first half keeps you rivetted to the screen with several nail-biting moments.

In the second half however, the  movie slows down a bit as dialogues seem to take and the momentum is spent out  in action blocks. Several new characters enter the fray in quick succession moving  to a seemingly rushed climax that doesnt really give us much time to absorb the scam in its entirety

However, director Jiyen has done a good job of giving the viewer a series of thrilling nail biting moments, with tension, humor, emotions and mystery, in a no -frills thriller with a title that fits the story. For RJ Balaji, a successful move forward. 

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