Film Review : In Car

 Directed by Harsh Warrdhan, In Car stars Ritika Singh in the lead and releases om March 3rd in theatres in several languages.

The story is about 3 goons ( an uncle with 2 nephews), one of which is a jailbird, who decide to kidnap a girl in order to enjoy themselves.

They force a car driver with their gun, to drive them off  a highway to find their target. They zero in and kidnap a college girl (Ritika Singh) at a bus stand.

The struggle of the girl and how they abuse and insult  her verbally, emotionally and physically comprises the main part of the film.  Does she manage to escape from their clutches?

All the actors( refer cast list below)  have done a good job,  with the  three goons especially good at their totally villainous roles, with their dialogues and performances making one  abhor them and their behaviour. For Ritika its a meaty role and though in a limited space of the car, she gives her best to show the desperation and helplessness of her character.

The Bgm elevates the suspense and tension and the drone camera shots add to the story. Being shot inside a vehicle for the most part,  it gets tedious to watch though. Many of the dialogues make you cringe with the details. Why was it necessary to the story to show the goons visiting a temple in the very first scene, is a query which comes to mind.  However, the climax scenes are well executed. What the director is attempting to showcase is achieved somewhat, though in a tad tedious manner. 

IN CAR Cast and Crew Details :

Ritika Singh

Sandeep Goyat

Manish Jhanjholia

Gyan Prakash

Production House : Inbox pictures

Produced By : Anjum Qureshi, Sajid Qureshi

Presented by : Studio Green  K. E. Gnanavelraja 

Written and Directed By : Harsh Warrdhan

Dop : Mithun Gangopadhyay

Music : Mathias Duplessy 

Art : Chetan Sagar

Editor : Manik Diwar

Action : Sunil Rodrigues

PRO : Sathish Kumar

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