Film Review: Pallu Padama Paathuka


The film PALLU PADAMA PAATHUKA a comedy adventure starring Dinesh, Sanchita Shetty, Shiva Shah Ra, Rajendran, Jagan, Linga, Harish Paredy and others, directed by Vijay Vardharaj, produced by Magic Rays hits screens on March 3rd.

The story is about a group of men who want to commit suicide, all for different reasons. They land up in a jungle to jump off a cliff but give up halfway. In the midst of this they discover that the jungle is imfested by Zombies. They are saved by a  girl (Sanchita) who later turns into a zombie herself. In this plot lands up a resurrected Hitler who wants to marry the heroine.  What happens to all these people? Do they  escape the zombies?

The film starts off trying to be an adult comedy and loses steam half way, only for adult jokes to be reinserted here and there. 

There is not much trace of a proper storyline, the screenplay doesnt incite the tension for a zombie movie while several poor jokes wear down the viewer.

Sanchita  fits the tough girl role to a T but a poor script leaves her with nothing to salvage in a film that is a sheer test of patience in most parts. Sanchita as an Angelina Jolie type of action heroine has done her best with her toned, muscled physique and also manages well in the glam portions of the film. 

 Dinesh has done a good job as usual as has Linga, though in a brifer role. Harish Peerady looks the part and instils fear, though he has not much to do. For Jegan it's a different role in which he has performed well and gets the laughs with his dialogues.

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