Film Review : 1947 August 16

 1947 Augustc16 , produced by A R Murgadoss and directed by NS Ponkumar, hit theatres on March 7th.

Set in a remote village in the hills, on the eve of Independance, the story revolves around a tribe of people who are opressed by a very sadistic British Officer, Robert and his promuscuous son Justin.
The people don't know that India has achieved Independance and are still beaten and killed in cruel ways while the women are abused physically.
A local thug, Paraman ( Gautham Karthik), who is in love with the zamindar's daughter ( Revathy Sharma), kills Justin one night when he tries to molest his lady love. All hell breaks lose when Robert  finds out. Will the villagers survive his wrath? Will Paraman save the village? Will they all know on Time that Independance has been achieved? 
The massive scale of the film and the impressive efforts of the art department to recreate the village and period setting is among the highlights of the film.
Gautham Karthik bites into a meaty role with vigour and undergoes a makeover. Revathy Sharma is befittingly chosen as the innocent girl with a secret backstory. The innocent love between the duo is well captured on screen.
Every actor has played their part sincerely, adding to the credibility of the film.

The actors playing Robert ( Richard Ashton) and Justin portrayed  as tyrants, instil fear and terror and show how difficult it is to ward off the effects of centuries of  slavery by the fruel masters, and will surely make the viewer feel indebted to our freedom fighters and make us thankful for the freedom they achieved.  For the youth who may think the British rule was better than the corruption after Independance, the film will perhaps serve as a wake up call to the reality of those times.

However, though the screenplay moves steadily forward, the loud melodrama in few scenes, and the convolutions of the plot,  make the story lose steam in a few places.
However,  a stellar cast, a well re-created period setting and a novel storyline do make the film worth a watch. 

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