Movie Review : DINOSAURS aka Die No Sirs

 Dinosaurs starring Udhay Karthik, Mara, Sripriya Deva and Rishi, directed by newbie MR Madavan,will be in theatres on July 28th. 

The story is set in North Madras. Two brothers, Dhana (Rishi) a tailor, and Mannu ( Udhay Karthik) are besties with Dhurai (Maara), who works for a ganglord.

In  a series of circumstances,  Dhana sacrifices and goes to jail instead of Dhurai because he is just married. But the murdered man's kin  from the opposite gang, find Durai and hack him brutally to death.

Mannu, who believes in peace and leading a decent life, sans violence, is drawn into this sequence of events, by a twist of fate.

Is Mannu able to get his brother out of jail, and avenge the death of Dhurai. Who is the real killer behind all this violence and why?

 Laced with humor, immersed in the local lingo of North Madras, and without  heavy doses of foul language as is,iften shown on screen, Mahendran manages to put across a  quaint, quirky and realistic story with a social message without any sort of preaching. 

The scenes are gripping and entertaining and screenplay full of unexpected twists which keep you invested into the characters. 

Good  casting is a pillar of the film. After a few smaller roles and being an Assistant to Gautham Menon,Udhay Karthik debuts as hero with a realistic performance a good grasp of the local lingo and body language and a dialogue delivery in tune with his character. 

Maara ( aka Srrini of Rip Up Bury , Driver Jamuna fame) gives yet another solid performance. 

Rishi as Dhana fits the role to a T, Saipriya is good while the two warring gangsters deliver solid acts.

The music , camera, stunts and editing are top notch.

On the flip side there is an increased dose of dialogue in places in the second half, which acts as a speed breaker.

Overall, an engaging entertainer with realistic performances, its human drama  taking you right into the lives of its characters, keeping you rivetted all through.

Rating 3.25/5


Udhay Karthik as Mannu

Rishi  as Dhana

Maara as Dhurai

Sai Priya dheva as Deepa

Maneksha as Saalaiyar

Janaki as China Kuzhandai

Arun as Thulukkanam


Director - M R Madhavan

Produced by Srinivas Sambandam (Galaxy Pictures)

Tamilnadu Theatrical Release By Romeo Pictures

Music - Bobo Sasii

 DOP - Jones V Anand

Editor - R Kalaivanan

Stunt - ‘Stunner’ Sam

Lyrics - M R Madhavan

Art Director - R Valampurinathan

Sound Design - AM Senthamizhan / S Sathishkumar

Mix - AM Rahmathulla (AH Studio)

Make-Up - D Dhasarathan (Dass)

Co-Director - Maran K Vasan

Co-Cameraman - M NandhaKumar

 Co-Editor - RGS Ragul

Choreography - Dastha

Production Executive - Sanjay Krishnan

Executive Producer - Gokul Ram

Costume Designer - Radhika Siva

Costumes - Cuddalore M. Ramesh

Stills - Theni Seenu / Sudhagar

Promotion Stills - D Maneksha

Sound Design Studio - Creative Pumbaa Studio

Dubbing - AVK Studios

Vfx - Raymax Studio

DI - Accel Media

PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Publicity Designs - Thandora

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