Sai Pallavi spiritual experience on pilgrimage to holy Amarnath Cave !

 By Rinku Gupta

Actor Sai Pallavi is on a high.  She has just had a wonderful spiritual journey to the holy Amarnath Cave of Lord Shiva, in the holy Himalayas.

Sharing the experience on the pilgrimage which she undertook with her parents, she said on her social media page,

 "I'm one who never likes to share very

personal thoughts but I'd like to write

about this pilgrimage that I've been

wanting to make for a long time now.

Taking parents who're almost 60 is

emotionally testing in ways one cannot

explain. Watching them gasp for breath

and hold their chest, take breaks at

slippery paths amidst snow made me

question the lord almighty, why you so


But she got her answer when she beheld a wonderful sight, "And I got my answer when 

I walked back after the darshan.

As I walked down the hill, I witnessed

something overwhelming: When people

notice a few yatris on the verge of giving

up, they take a long breath and chant "Om

Namah Shivaya", and instantly the same

yatris chant back and pick themselves up

to continue.

Horses and the villagers carry the yatris

to fulfil their desire of worshipping Bhole

Nath at the holy cave

My pranams to everyone in Shri Amarnath

Ji Shrine Board who make this journey

memorable for millions of devotees like


 She also thanked the armed forces and noted the changes within her after the holy pilgrimage, 

"And finally the personnel from the Army/

CRPF/Police for their selfless acts of

service, sacrifice and sense of duty by

protecting us at ALL times

This place is powerful because it stands

witness to the acts of such selfless

service. Regardless of our wealth, beauty

and power, it's one's healthy body, strong

mind and a heart that helps others, is

what's going to make our journey on earth

worth living. Amarnath yatra challenged my 

will power, tested my body and proved to me 

that this Life itself is a pilgrimage and we are

a dead race if we are not there for each


And my heartfelt thanks to a few ppl who

made this whole trip to the #amarnath

holy cave possible."

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