Movie Review : Are You Ok Baby?

 Directed by Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Are You Ok Baby releases on September 22.

Samudrakani and Abirami ( Balan & Vidya) are a childless couple who adopt a baby from an unwed mother, who is  in a 6 year live -in relationship with a jobless drunkard aspiring to be an actor  (Ashok). A nurse ( vinothini) gets her in touch with the couple yearning for a child.

But a year later, the real mother yearns for her baby and takes part of a reality show anchored by Rashmi (Lakshmy Ramakrishnan), in the hope of getting her baby back. 

The case takes a serious tone when the adoptive parents are summoned to court under serious charges of child trafficking due to legal loopholes in the adoptive process they undertook at the time. 

Both the parents and the real mother are distraught when the baby is taken to a government home till the case is in court.

What does the court decide? Who gets the baby and why?

Director Lakshmy seeks to bring out several aspects through the film, right from issues like  adoptions, child trafficking, the plight of powerless women with no social status nor financial agency who are caught up in live-in relationships, having no decision making power to bear children due to several factor,  to what is the role of media in helping society and how the legal system works in such instances where kids are involved.

Abirami and Samudrakani do justice to their  roles while a gamut of good supporting cast members prop up the film,  bringing a touch of realism. Newbie Mullaiarasi gives a realistic performance while Ashok's solid act leaves a mark as well.

The interesting bits include the reality show scenes and those in the courtroom which add to the drama and tension. Naren as the judge brings a good gravitas with his performance. Lakshmy plays a reality tv host, much like her own tv avatar and her presence, dialogues and expressions add to the drama and suspense as to what's next.  The scenes when Vinodini as the nurse adds to the drama and humor with a sound performance.

The flip side would be a rather dated treatment of  family scenes  of the adoptive couple with the baby. In some scenes, the role of the reality show in the proceedings  does not come across too clearly in places.

The film is visually rich. 

Good performances, a smoothly moving screenplay, good visuals, crisp dialogues, emotions, drama, realism, suspense and an interestingly treated, different topic, make Are You Ok Baby a good watch. 

Rating 3.25/ 5

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Director Vijay Presents

"Are you ok Baby?”




Lakshmy Ramakrishnan


Aadukalam Naren

Paval Navaneethan


Robo Shankar


Anupama Kumar



Written & Directed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

Produced by Dr.Ramakrishnan

Music: 'Maestro' Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography:  Krishnasekar TS

Editing: CS Premkumar

Audiography: Tapas Nayak

Colorist: Rajasekaran KS

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