Movie Review : Iraivan

 Andrew ( Naren) and Arjun ( Jayam Ravi) are cops. Andrews sister Priya ( Nayaanthara) loves Arjun but he is not interested in marriage as he knows the dangers of his job. 

One day,  on the hunt of a dangerous, vicious psycho serial killer Brahma ( Rahul Bose), Andrew is fatally injured. Devastated, Arjun gives up his job and goes to live with Priya and Andrews widow ( Vijaylaxmi). Later he opens a coffee shop.

Though Brahma is caught and jailed he escapes from the mental facility. He is on a killing spree again. This time one of his victims is a close friends ( Charlie) daughter. Arjun gets on the job and leaves no stone unturned to find her. 

But as cases pile up, another turn of events takes the entire case in a different direction. Does Arjun catch the killer?

The film is full of blood and gore with the murders shown in morbid detail. This gets tough to watch after a while. 

The bgm by Yuvan is suitable to the story giving it a slick feel. The camerawork is excellent  and adds value to the presentation.

The making of the film is slick and the screenplay wastes no time to get to the story and carry it  forward at a brisk pace. 

But the film seems more of style than substance. There are logic issues in the investigative techniques and the entourage of  cops are made to look like they have no clue how to proceed and only embroiled in petty polictics.

 There are no real moments when one feels for the characters, despite the best efforts of Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara and Vijaylakshmi.

Rahul Bose is shown in a  more comical light and cariacatursh, perhaps inadvertantly, due to the presentation and lack of depth in dialogues. The scene with Vinod Kishan and the mosquito bat is an example. There are no real reasons given for his crude and cruel methods, all repeatedly shown on screen.

 Vinod's high intensity performance seems wasted in a poorly written role and the proceedings are fairly predictable after a point.

Iraivan, high on style and gore, with a formidably talented but underutilized cast, could have done with better writing and more substance.

Rating 2.5/ 5

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