Movie Review : Shot Boot Three



Sneha as Shyamala, 

Venkat Prabhu as Swaminathan,

Yogi Babu as Thala Kumar, 

Praniti as Pallavi, 

Poovaiyar as Ramana, 

Kailash Heet as Kailash,

Vedanth Vasantha as Ballu,

Arunachalam Vaidyanatha as Doctor Shekar,

Sai Deena as Bhairava.


Production – Universe Creations 

Writer, Director & Producer - Arunachalam Vaidyanathan 

Screenplay - Anand Raghav and Arunachalam Vaidyanathan 

Dop –Sudarshan Srinivasan 

Music - Rajhesh Vaidhya 

Edit - Barath Vikraman 

Art - K. Arusamy 

Stunts –Sudesh

Mixing - M R Rajakrishnan

Sync Sound Recordist - Raghav Ramesh 

DIT - Cinehive 

Associate Producer - Arunram Kalaiselvan 

Executive Producer - Venkatesh Sadagopan 

Co-Producer - Mugil Chandran

Festival Director – Tushar Unadkat 

Production Executive - Karthick Anandha Krishnan 

PRO - Nikil Murukan

Swaminathan ( Venkat Prabhu) and wife Shyamala ( Sneha ) are IT professionals. They have a son Kailash ( Kailash Heet). His best friends are Pallavi ( Praniti) and Balloo  ( Vedanth Vadantha) Ramana (Poovaiyar) is  boy who lives ìn the giant apartment outskirts and does odd jobs, and is also a buddy  of the trio.

Kailash feels lonely as an only child and so one day asks his parents for a brother which they refuse due to their professional committments. So, one day,  Kailash asks for a puppy. Which is also refused.  But this time his besties gift him a golden retriever puppy for his birthday and his mom finally agrees to let him keep it.

But one day,  when Kailash's parents are away on a trip, and Kailash is playing at home with his buddies, Max , the dog, escapes from the flat and is not to be found. 

In the meanwhile the city corporation implements a plan to drug street dogs and kill them. In such a scenario, what happens to Max? Do the kids find him? Can they save him on time?

The film has superb performances by the super talented child actors  and the dog, Max, a cute bundle of energy, has done a delightful job. Venkat Prabhu and Sneha are perfectly cast as the parents and their dynamics are a delight to watch. Another plus point of the film is the realistic feel of all the performances, taking the viewer right into the lives of the characters.  

Yogi Babu makes his presence felt as an auto driver and brings in the laughs and also has a significant role in the film. 

The film aptly showcases several facets of modern day nuclear family life, right from busy lifestyles, resultant loneliness, stress, friendships, and the importance of  bonds with animals, Nature  and  other human beings which are all vital aspects of growth in life.

There is no preaching of any sort and the messages are subtly conveyed through a rivetting storyline and screenplay. The innocence of childhood is well captured and conveyed.

 The visuals are aesthetically shot and the film proceeds at a steady pace which keeps you engaged. Dialogues are crisp and to the point. 

 Rajesh Vaidhya's music adds value to the visuals and story.

The film is not just for kids but for the entire family,  with something  to takeaway for everyone. 

Overall an engaging watch for kids and families, with fine performances, an interesting storyline and a good social message about the value of relationships, Shot Boot Three is a wholesome and refreshing family entertainer.

Rating 3/5

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