Movie Review : Nandhivarman



Suresh Ravi - Guru Varman

Asha Venkatesh - Elakkiya

Bose Venkat - Bose Venkatachalam

Nizhalgal Ravi - Chakravarththi

Gajaraj - Dharmaraj

Meesai Rajendar - Pazhanivel Raayan

Aadukalam Murugadoss - JCB Mani

Ambani Shankar - Trouser

Kothandam - Kothandam

JSK Gopi - SV Pasupathi


Production company name: AK Film Factory

Producer: Arunkumar Dhanasekaran

Director: G.V. Perumal Varadhan

Editor: San Lokesh

Music Director : Jerard Felix

DOP: R. V. Seyon Muthu ( சேயோன் முத்து )

Stunt: Sudesh

Art Director: Munikrishnan

Lyricists : Madhan Karky, ku.karthik

Costume Designer: Sivakarthik

Make Up: Raguraman

Choreography: Srikrish

Computer Graphics: Hocus Pocus, EL visual effects & BusyBees Animation studios

DI: Bishma Studio

Sound Design & Mixing : Hari Prasad MA

Designs: Fox eye

Stills: Rajendran

PRO : Suresh sugu / DharmaDurai / Sathish ( AIM )

Production Manager : Ramesh & Hari venkat

Executive Producer : R. Balakumar

Nandhi Varman takes you into a historical journey into the world of the Pallava dynasty.

A group of archelogists led by Bose Venkat, travel to the village of Hanumanthapuram to  find an ancient temple built by the Pallava  king Nandhi Varman. 

But when the team reaches there, they discover strange obstructions and resistance from the villagers. The mystical activities add to the confusion. 

A cop ( Suresh Ravi) is assigned to protect the group. 

At the same time,  there is a plot to steal idols from the excavated temple. 

What happens to the excavation? Who or What is causing the problems for them?  Who is behind the stolen idols?

A historical fiction movie,  Nandhi Varman makes for an engaging watch.  The storyline is interesting and the screenplay keeps you rivetted. 

The visuals and vfx are good.

The mystery elements are well presented to keep you waiting for what's next. 

Tall and dashing Suresh Ravi plays the cop to perfection with his solid presence, adding a touch of humor to the romantic scenes with Asha Gowda. Short film actor Ajith Vignesh has a significant role and does well with his screen presence. Nizhalgal Ravi and Bose Venkat bring gravitas with their presence.

The director's message on protecting ancient temple heritage from idol smugglers deserves kudos and is well brought out with an engaging and interesting screenplay, bringing to the fore ancient heritage of the Pallava kings as well.

In theatres from Dec 29th.

Rating 3/ 5

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