Movie Review : Sooragan

 Director - Sathish Geetha Kumar

Produced by V.Karthikeyan (3rd Eye Cine Creations)

Starring: Karthikeyan, Subhiksha, Pandiyarajan, Vincent Ashokan, Nizhalgal Ravi, Suresh Menon, Mansoor Alikhan and others

Sooragan is an investigative crime thriller, a story of a young man,  a former cop, who in is the trail of the disappearance of  and crimes against a few girls.

As he uncovers the trail, it all leads to startling revelations and links with bigwigs.

Does he get justice and catch the criminals?

The action scenes are well executed. Hero Karthikeyan does a neat job. Subiksha makes her presence felt.
 The dialogues could have been better worked upon.  The editing leads to a feel of a bit of disconnect between scenes at few places. 
The large plethora of ace character actors is  a plus as os the presence of Vincent Asokan who fits the part and Nizhalgal Ravi who brings panache to his role. 

Screenplay could have been better executed for a more compact narration.

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