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Production House : Vayal Movies

Written & Directed by : Dr.K.Veera Babu

Music : Sirpy

Lyrics : Pazhani Bharathy

Cinematography: Arul Selvan

Editing: Aakash

Audiography : Antony mydeen

Action : Super Subbarayan

Choreography : Noble Paul

Art Direction : Prapanchan

Co-Direction : Mahesh Periyasamy

Designs : BLESSON

PRO : Riaz.K.Ahmed

The film begins with a little boy who is kidnapped from school, after his working mother leaves him at the gate, not realising its a holiday. Decades later, when the boy grows up to be an adult ( Dr K Veerababu), he had only one aim; to rescue victims of child traficking.

This puts him in very tough situations, sometimes life threatening even  as the stakes are high. Who are the enemies he encounters? Does he succeed?

The film brings out the dark side of child traficking and how kids are made to beg on streets and are exploited from starting off even as babies. 

Hero Veerababu does a solid job and his presence is convincing all through. He handles all the emotions  from compassion to romance and manages to do the action scenes credibly too.

Mahana looks good as his love interest.

Super Subbrayan as a villain is scary and has played his role well. 

The songs are well presented.

On the flip side, the making has a few logical loopholes  here and there. 

But overall, kudos for choosing a topical social  subject and making a commercial film for family audiences.

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