Actor Arya inaugurates Bratzlife Fitness Studio in OMR!

The present-day younger generation is prioritising their well-being by dedicating time for maintaining their health.

Particularly, those working in the IT sector are showing a greater inclination towards visiting a gym to ensure their overall health and well-being. Notably, a comprehensive fitness center named Bratzlife Fitness Studio, which adheres to international standards, has been established and is operational on OMR Road, which is a prominent IT sector hub in Chennai. 

The inaugural ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished individuals such as Mr. K. Joshthangiah, Superintendent of Police (Economic Offences Wing Chennai), Mr. R. Mr. Riazuddin, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tambaram City Police, Mr. Bharath, Assistant Commissioner of Police Neelangarai Range. Mr. S. Meenatchi Sundaram, Inspector of Police, Serious Crime Squad, Chennai South. 

Mr. Ranjith Sub. Inspector Thuraipakan. Actor Arya also attended as the chief guest, along with various celebrities from the film and small screen industry including Ramesh Tilak, Abhi Haasan, Besant Nagar Ravi, Actresses Viji Chandrasekhar, Lovelyn Chandrasekhar, Deepthi, Sherlin Seth, and small screen celebrities like Sidhu, Shreya Anjan, Sai Pramodita, and many others.

This holistic fitness center provides a custom made tailored exercise regimen to guided according to your personal preferences and fitness objectives. They also provide workouts to enhance muscle strength, as well as specific exercises to help eliminate excess body fat. 

Along with exercise, advice on specific diet and nutrition plan that suits different body types is also provided. Furthermore, special feature that includes physical training for both men and women on beauty pageants, marriage makeover training, muscle strength training are also provided. They offers guidance on personalized diet and nutrition plans as well.

In addition to physical activity, this holistic fitness centre impressive features such as an IT SECTION with high speed Internet connection for all their clients to WORK FROM THE GYM, they also have a recovery station which includes Jacuzzi, steam and ice bath individually for men and women..

The Bratzlife Fitness Studio has an impressive interior and exterior infrastructure that adheres to international standards. This remarkable design was meticulously crafted under the guidance of Nivedita Mohan, the esteemed owner of south India's renowned Niyom Studio and an experienced interior designer in Dubai for over a decade. Additionally, all the training equipment at the studio has been imported from Spain by WELCARE FITNESS EQUIPMENTS ensuring top-notch quality. 

Fitness enthusiasts Mr. Lee Johney Joy who co owns the OMR branch is a Microsoft employee from Japan has given his wise ideas on the gym as well. Notably, Mr. Bharat Raj, the owner of BRATZLIFE, is a FITNESS LIFESTYLE COACH to esteemed actors such as 'Chiyaan' Vikram, Arya, Jayam Ravi, and Sarathkumar. It is worth mentioning that Bharat Raj provided specialized training to actor Thalapathy Vijay for certain scenes during the filming of the movie 'Leo', adding to his intriguing repertoire.

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