Movie Review : Saamaniyan

 A senior citizen from the village,  Sankaranarayanan ( Ramarajan)  comes to Chennai with his friend ( MS Bhasker) to visit another close  friend ( Radha Ravi) for a day. 

But things are not as they seem.  The trio actually are part of a plot to raid a bank. Sankaranarayan lands up there with a bomb and a series of demands while his two friends hold the families  ( Vinothini, Smruthi Venkat)of the bank manager and his assistant manager, hostage at gun point.

With a senior cop ( KS Ravikumar)hot on their heels to investigate and the entire media covering the heist, Sankaranarayan puts forth a strange set of 3 demands.

Who are these three? What is their motive? Do they succeed in their plan against the odds stacked up against them? Who is Sankaranarayanan ? What does his daughter ( Naksha Saran) and son-in-law ( Leo Shivakumar) have to do with these events?

The vigilante story with a social message is well narrated by the director. The screenplay moves at just the right pace, keeping us intrigued and interested  in whats next.

There are many characters but each of them is introduced in a way that gives us a peek into the kind of people the are, so that we stay invested and curious about what their next moves may be,  in each situation.

The film moves between city and village seamlessly, thereby applealing to both sets of audiences and also showing how each one can be affected by what happens to the other. 

The visuals give the feeling of a modern day tale and the music offers ample support.

The performances of Radha Ravi and MS Bhasker are top notch as usual. Veteran Ramarajan who is at the centre of it all, carries the film credibly on his shoulders, with his demeanour, eyes, expressions,dialogues and body language doing all the talking.  There are ample traces of humor, references to his past hits and a strong emotional connect with him and the characters around him. In his comeback film he makes his presence felt and how!

KS Ravikumar amps up the proceedings leaving an indelible mark.  Naksha Saran as the daughter is impressive and appealing with her strong screen presence and acting chops.

Bose Venkat and Mime Gopi leave you with the right message which the story intends.

There are no melodrama and the dialogues are crisp and to the point.  The social message too is delivered without indulging in blame games  cautioning the public and creating an awareness about an important social and  financial issue.

A well narrated,  neatly performed, socially conscious, family entertainer. 

Rating 3.25/5

Movie: *Saamaniyan* 

Composed by: Maestro Ilaiyaraaja

Lyrics: Ilaiyaraaja

Singers: Karthick

Starring - Ramarajan, Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Boss Venkat, Mime Gopi, KS Ravikumar, Saravanan Suppaiyah, Naksha Saran, Leo Siva Kumar, Vinothini, Deepa Sankar, Smruthi Venkat, Apranathi, Aranthangi Nisha, Saravanan Sakthi, Gajaraj, Mullai, Arul Mani, Kodandam, Supergood Subramani, and other's.

Written & Directed by

           R RAHESH

Producer : V Mathiyalagan 

Banner : Etcetera Entertainment  

Co Producer : D Balasubramaniam and C Sathish Kumar

Creative Head : Shrita Rao

Music : Mestro Illayarajaa 

Lyrics: Mestro Illayarajaa 

Singers : Mestro Illayarajaa, Karthik, Sharreth 

Cinematographer : C Arul Selvan

Editor : Ram Gopi

Story : V Karthik Kumar 

Costume : SP Sugumar

Choreographer: Vishnuvimal

PRO : A. John 

Publicity designers : Sathish

VFX & CG: Praveen Leonard

Sound Designer: Arun mani

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