Lyca Indian 2 promotions touch the skies!

 The much awaited grand Shankar -Kamalhaasan combo in multiple languages, Indian 2, is ready to hit screens soon.

Producers Lyca Productions are going all out to promote the film across cities and countries.

Their latest giant promotions can be seen in the skies, all the way in the international hub, Dubai.

One usually sees photos of the towering Burj Khalifa as a prestigious and coveted, destination for film promotions  by many stars. 
Now, Lyca seems to have gone into the skies, with a grand show by sky divers, hailing the arrival of their film, a sequel to Indian aka Hindustani.

In what seems to be a launch by a sky diving team, giant posters of the film have been launches above land,  spreading the word about the coming magnum opus which has already created a huge buzz all over. 

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